About Me


Carol J Nelson

Hi from Carol in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

While I spend most days writing Christian women’s fiction, it took a lifetime to know what my heart truly wanted and needed to write – stories that touch the fabric of women’s lives with hope, grace, and faith, combined with clean romance women find satisfying.

There are two things I remember about my childhood. I always had stories running through my mind, and I wanted to be a missionary. The childish stories progressed to writing, the desire to be a missionary faded. But God didn’t forget.

I married Larry, a fine Christian man. We raised three wonderful daughters who blessed us with six grandsons, two granddaughters and, so far, two great-grandchildren. One granddaughter is now in heaven with Grandpa Larry.

Shortly after Larry died in 2016, the Lord made it quite plain to me that it was time to embrace my writing. He reminded me of my desire to be a missionary all those years ago and showed me a mission field greater than any I could ever have imagined – the ends of the world reached through books and electronic media. Then he sent me a delightfully humorous, patient, and dedicated Christian editor,

Deirdre Lockhart,

who has been laboring diligently to turn me into a published writer. I pray the Lord’s will may be accomplished.

I love writing, but I also love pots brimming with flowers in the backyard, bird feeders bursting with seed causing us to ooh, aah, and chuckle at the antics of our diverse feathered friends, quiet times at the piano praising the Lord, and studying the Word. And, of course, there are family dinners that invariably include a game of cards. How many years did a grandchild perch on my knee “helping” me play cards? Now, any one of them can beat me at cards, dominoes, a game of Clue, or whatever.