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Carol Nelson and Free Books! Audra meets the man of her dreams, but cancer may rob her of ever having a family. And now let's chat with novelist Carol Nelson, author of contemporary Christian women’s novel, Audra – Dying For Life (Bookbaby Publishing, August 2020). Carol lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she spends most days writing her stories. Although she started writing in childhood, it took a lifetime to know what her heart truly desired and needed to write—stories that touch the fabric of women's lives with hope, grace, and faith, combined with the little spice of clean romance women enjoy. She took a writing course as a young mother, then laid all writing aside to concentrate on raising her three daughters.  Her daughters have blessed her with seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. (An eighth grandchild is in heaven with her grandpa.) She served as an aid in a nursing home, worked in the purchasing department of a large corporation, spent time as the head cook at an all-you-can-eat buffet, and went full circle to become a care giver before settling in to her first love, writing.  Reading, gardening, cooking, and playing cards and games keep Carol busy. She’ll be glad when she can go to church without a mask. Amen to that, Carol! Please tell us one random thing we might not know about you. I love to watch the large variety of birds attracted to the seed, suet, and water in our backyard. This summer, we also spotted a mama gray fox and her two kits jumping into the yard to drink the bird’s water. It seems like she prefers city living to the nearby mountains. How cute those foxes must be! I haven't seen a fox in the wild since moving to the west coast. They're such pretty animals. Please tell us a bit more about the plot of Audra -- Dying for Life. It’s not a routine visit when Audra Knight's gynecologist says, "I need to do a biopsy." It leaves her numb with fear.  Suddenly a potential cancer victim, it's not the time to notice Dann Day, the handsome new band-orchestra teacher at Chandler's Grove Academy. And why should he want anything to do with her? With her unresolved anger issues, the way she's strayed from God, and the fact that Heather Easton already seems to have claimed him for her own, getting involved would be stupid. Plus, cancer could certainly lead to heartbreak, and she won’t put a man through that.  When Dann asks Audra's help on a school project, Heather's jealousy flares. It's the catalyst that amplifies Audra's anger, sending her back to God and church to find peace and the courage to truly live. But when Audra admits to growing feelings for Dann, can she tell the man who wants a family that he might not be able to have one with her? As the pressure mounts, how will she know the right way to go? What is it about Audra that will make your readers care about her? Maybe it’s the patient caring she shows her sixth grade English class. Maybe it’s the way she’s loved by students and teachers alike. Maybe it’s seeing a lovely young woman stuffing her anger and hurt in the secret closet of her heart and hoping she’ll find freedom from its oppression. But just maybe it’s all of those because Audra’s no different than any of us, a complex human being in need of heart healing. Share with us a quote you like from a book by a different author. What do you like about the quote? I really wanted to pass on this question. I don’t collect quotes. I don’t even remember quotes. I read to escape or be entertained. However, during my quiet time, this quote from Augustine, a Church father, popped out at me, and I hope I can remember it:  “A great mystery, Brethren, God is above all: you raise yourself, and touch Him not: you humble yourself, and He descends to you.”  I like this because it’s a great reminder that man can never reach God on his own merits, but if we come to Him with contrite hearts acknowledging who He is, He will meet us with everything we need. I wasn't able to find that exact quote, but I see that Augustine clearly spoke a lot about the importance (and power, really) of humility. Thanks for that, Carol! What is the last novel you read that you would recommend? I just finished A Bride's Journey to the Colorado Territory, by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer. I’ve always liked a good wagon-train story, and this book not only has an engaging story line of traveling west, it’s been very well researched. This is Book 2, so I recommend reading Book 1, A Bride's Dilemma in Friendship, Tennessee, first. What are you working on now? I’m getting Book 2 of the Chandler’s Grove Series, Life Transformed, ready for publication this fall or winter, and I’m writing Book 3, Becoming Sisters. I also have two stand-alone books waiting to be published. Where else can readers find you online? Facebook Twitter Click HERE to buy at Amazon

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